How To Find The Perfect Place For A Baby Shower

If the idea of ​​making a Baby Shower at home or in a restaurant sounds boring, consider a destination or special place for a Baby Shower.

More and more Baby Showers are being held in non-traditional places with non-traditional activities. A Baby Shower can be carried out almost anywhere you can imagine. Consider:

1. Places where they can be pampered.
Manicure salons and day spas are excellent places for a Baby Shower. What better than to offer a mime to the future mom?. Than a party in a lounge where you can have manicure or spa services.

2. Craft Stores.
A Baby Shower could become a pottery painting class, a jewelry making class, a bead store, a weaving group, or a gathering to make blankets.

3. Arts and culture.
For the future mam · with a culture-oriented mind, you could choose a jazz club, a theater, a concert or a museum.

4. Sports events.
If the future mom · is a fan of sports, consider the idea of ​​taking her to a sporting event. An afternoon in the baseball field or the stadium will ensure that no one forgets the Baby Shower.

5. Nature.
Few scenarios are as beautiful for a celebration as a botanical garden, the beach, or the park.

When selecting a place, be sure to keep the following in mind:

1. Are you comfortable for the future mom? Even the most passionate bowler is not able to enjoy a bowling match if she is eight months pregnant.

2. Will the place be available for the date you want?.

3. Is there enough space for all your guests?. Even are there seats for everyone? Do you have to rent chairs and tables?.

4. Can you serve the food comfortably and safely?. Is there a place to prepare or keep the snack so that it does not spoil?.

5. The bathrooms, are they appropriate?.

6. If your baby shower is outdoors, do you have a plan B in case of bad weather?.

Among all the exciting places and activities that exist to choose from, all you need is to think a little, leaving aside the structured, to plan a destination for a Baby Shower that everyone will remember.

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