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Tips to organize your party

Tips to organize your party

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It is time to organize your party and thousands of friends, guests, companies, event organizers and public relations people, may be coming to your event. Today we will give you 7 tips to ensure that your event remains an unforgettable one for you and your guests. As if that was not enough we’ll help you save a good amount of money, with some ideas.

1. No paper.
Today we seek to take care of the planet and not print papers unnecessarily. The solution is to send invitations and sell event tickets for the party online. This process is faster and more comfortable, both for you and your guests.

2. Where is it?.
The chosen place should not be too far away because many people consider distance when attending a party. Search for central locations or somewhere in between. Think about how the guests will move, the parking spaces available, the roads to reach their destination (are they dangerous, bright, busy?).

Take care of safety and opt for attendees to feel comfortable at all times. You will be a great host!.

3. What do I serve you?.
Something typical in parties is to buy liters of commercial beer and commercial food, but why not change this and try something better. Currently, the new trend is to buy craft beer barrels and personalized food, offer variety and exclusive items.

The drinks bar becomes self-service, and everyone can prepare a special drink. The idea is to have variety to combine the taste.

4. Suddenly flash!.
At the time of the photos, everyone wants to have them as a souvenir. Since many times not everyone has each other’s contact info to share the pictures. And many times we don’t get all the pictures we want from those who participated in the party. We recommend creating a Facebook group where each user uploads their pictures and share them with everyone. Remember that groups can be public or private. It’s your choice!.

5. Music please.
If you do not have enough budget to pay for a DJ, there’s no problem!. There is always someone who has an app on his smartphone such as Spotify, where musical lists are created that are passed so that everyone can dance all night.

The service is free, but for very little money you can get the premium version and manage better (and without advertising) the songs you want at that time.

6. Follow the Right Signs.
With a fun Ethical sign and placed at key points, you can make people follow the right path to where they want to go: Bar, restrooms, exit, parking, cloakroom, etc.

It prevents people from getting lost and asking the same thing over and over again. Order the environment where the celebration will take place.

7. Worksheets or lists: Great allies.
There are so many things that you have to take into account when organizing a party that we suggest you make a list or template where you can place everything you need and the things you are doing.

Order your mind, place everything in a spreadsheet, and start managing what will be an unforgettable party.